War of the Satellites (1958)

War of the Satellites (1958) In response to the Russian Sputnik, Roger Corman slapped together and directed this tale of an alien force that is determined to prevent nations from launching satellites into space. The aliens have the ability to take the shape of humans and to duplicate themselves. Despite the pasteboard set, with its endless slamming doors, the script by Lawrence Goldman, based on a story by Irving Block, still holds up today. Special effects are very appropriate, except for the kitchen cutlery as space stations.


Ming the Merciless has intentions

With his evil daughter Aura

To disrupt telecommunications

Through satellite killers from China.

Space hawks within the Pentagon

Took note of one mysterious object

The PLA launched as a weapon

In a geosynchronous orbit.

For Xi Jinping , it’s inevitably

“Informationalized” warfare

Of missiles or lasers to bully

In cyber as in Tiananmen Square.

 Image result for space surreal gif

The New Frontier’s an electronic meltdown

Image result for space surreal gif

That jams espionage maps, to hack

The internet and swiftly bring down

Image result for fuck trump space gif

Any US Transportation feedback.

And so a sixth military branch

Will monitor space trash and traffic

To police the heavens carte blanche

And keep commerce democratic.

 Related image

Without those metallic stars up above,

Who could tell what the weather would be,

Image result for space surreal gif

Or call on cell phones those we love,

Or keep track of nuclear debris.

[Disposable Poem June 19. 2018]

Dr. Mike








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