Mississippi Mermaid (1969)

Mississippi Mermaid (1969) Actually The Siren of Mississippi, Catherine Deneuve is paired with Jean-Paul Belmondo in François Truffaut’s opulent study of a torrid romance, where a wealthy tobacco plantation owner falls in love with a con-artist who marries him to abscond with all his money. When he finally catches up with her, instead of killing her, his own life is changed as he tries to stay with her and become the kind of man she needs. With rapturous Technicolor cinematography by Denys Clerval, full of homages to Hitchcock, Nicholas Ray, and Jean Renoir [to whom the film is dedicated], this languorous obsession in the criminality of love is upstaged by the stunning wardrobe designed for Deneuve by Ives Saint-Laurent.



I love you the way you are

Indifferent to me, cashing in

On all my money, glacial star

Self-immolating in sin.

Princess of the runway,

Everybody’s inflatable blonde,

Your equipoise ice-cream parfait

Screams fashion from the haute-monde.

Please do not change

Your amorality for me!

It makes me wild, deranged,

Woke from mass conformity.

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Love is a camouflage word

Image result for love camo gif

For pleasure in physical pain

That leaves you so mentally scarred

Image result for catherine deneuve gif

You need it again and again.

How can I please you best

Without giving you up entirely

To your squeamish disgust

In the same nightmares as me.

This gun was meant to kill you,

But I prefer prolonging agony

By killing the cop who’d arrest you

Image result for surreal love camouflage gif

So you’d take more interest in me.

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[Disposable Poem June 24, 2018]

Dr. Mike



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