The Mummy (1959)

The Mummy (1959) This film remains my favorite because when Christopher Lee as the Mummy reaches archeologist Peter Cushing, he really intends to strangle him. Terence Fisher directs this Hammer classic that captures the 1890s British society in exquisite costuming [Mary Arbuthnot], sets [Bernard Robinson] , and cinematographic color [Jack Asher]. Yvonne Furneaux never looked more like a Victorian high priestess.

The therapist grabs a silver electric baton

In her rubble glove, gliding, pushing

Image result for odd rubber glove gif

Water logged in each leg up to the stomach

As her patient clutches his silver baton.

Breathing in and out, the mummified

Lymph nodes slowly reawaken.

Image result for mummified gif

Gauze strips seal kisses of decaying lips

Mummy GIF

As lesions make speech lisp in lethologica.

 Image result for mummified gif

Surveillance capitalism trains its seven jackals

Who guard the entrance to the cryogenic tomb,

Where no more than nine tana leaves burn

To keep the embalmed awake and in thrall.

His tongue cut out, his eyes filled with silver nitrate.

Image result for mummified gif

He lumbers like a prized piñata no one dare crack open.

Image result for surreal 'pinata gif

Once you have smelled death, you will never forget

How so many corpses preserve genocidal secrets.


The bound patient sleepwalks the running track

Beneath tea leaves and glaucoma moonlight,

Related image

Seeking love’s reincarnation in lightning streaks

That turn her hair blond until she’s completely blind.

Image result for blind gif

Please, Please, Mummy,

Don’t take me back in your tummy

I’m just a slave to your rave

Do the Mummy dance

[Disposable Poem October 11, 2018]

Dr. Mike

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