Meat Weed Madness (2006)

Meat Weed Madness (2006) The only short at the TROMA Festival that was booed by the entire audience was made by Aiden Dillard who subsequently wrote and directed this follow-up. Offending the audience becomes post-punk sport. Naked babes and incest fantasies feature performance artists Hells’ Belles as parricides, with a Bullpucky minotaur added for classical sodomy. Shot on shoddy video, this remastered concoction exploits backwoods teenage raves. What a stinker! It’s proof that drugs and alcohol do not make innovative art. I never expected a movie that wasn’t a movie so much as home videos of wasted friends trying to gross everybody out with jokes where all the chickens that couldn’t cross the road wound up in Mawpaw’s Sunday roadkill dinner.  

Bonehead delivers valentine packages from overseas

To the schizophrenics in the children’s ward.

Bonehead has a purple fleur-de-lis in his buttonhole

And he looks stupefied outside any C&W bar.

There’s this giant rubber smile to Bonehead’s

Related image

Smacker, as if he’d swallowed a ten-gallon hat.

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Bonehead graduated from Harvard, with honors,

And joined the right secret societies.


Bonehead tells constituents what they want to hear,


Especially if it causes great fear against the poor.

Bonehead sells titanium cutlery from door to door;

The sharper the blade, the smoother the diced tomato.

Bonehead will always be re-elected because he

America Voting GIF by nikki desautelle

Kisses babies and never raped any male interns.

Bonehead sees the world as flat — a straight line

From national reserves to his off-shore accounts.

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Bonehead, to join the rich in the pyramids of Egypt,

Corners the market on breathable air and sells its stocks.


Bonehead encourages whistleblowers to come out in the open,

And then bankrupts and persecutes them into jail.

 Related image

It is not enough that enemies suffer, Bonehead knows,

Keep them alive for that very last drop of blood or spinal fluid.

Bonehead carries a Geiger-counter to clock the radiation

That he still believes his steel codpiece will protect him from.

Bonehead’s religion teaches that the meek will inherit the earth,

Like swarms of cockroaches devouring each other.

[Disposable Poem October 20, 2013]

Dr. Mike











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