Cheyenne (1947)


Cheyenne (1947) Everybody wants to be The Poet. Jane Wyman is married to him; Janis Page is having an affair with him. That’s because The Poet [Bruce Bennett] has been successfully robbing stagecoaches, until he is discovered and shot dead by gambler and Wells Fargo Agent Jim Wylie [Dennis Morgan]. Raoul Walsh directs this Western, where nobody’s good and everybody’s out for themselves. At least Jane Wyman escapes with all the money.



The spirit animal comes home to die.

The wilderness begins to simplify.

Mourning clouds the wandering eye.


The nose points north to the arctic blast.

Scraped from cold to hot, few species will last.

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The spirit animal forecasts the past.

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Earth’s magnetic shield sinks down to its crust.

The animate mind frays into stardust.

The wandering eye sees power combust.


Migration may be a natural act.

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Many are tribes that drones track to attack.

The spirit animal longs for the pack.

The songs in the trees sound like broken knees.

Honey is missing and so are the bees.

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The wandering eye succumbs to disease.

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The value of nothing is bought and sold.

Stocks await those who did what they were told.

The wandering eye grows clouded and old.

The spirit animal dies from the cold.


[Disposable Poem February 1, 2019]

Dr. Mike

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