Le Ballet Royal de la Nuit (1653)

Le Ballet Royal de la Nuit (1653/2017) A “ballet de cour” with libretto by Isaac de Benserade , featuring multiple composers, began at 6 pm and ended at 6 am with the arrival of fifteen-year-old King Louis XIV as Apollo. Recently reconstructed by Sébastien Daucé, and performed at the Théâtre de Caen with poetry of Francesca Lattuada and costumes designed by Olivier Charpentier, this oneiric universe has acrobats, dancers, jugglers, operatic singers in a mêlée that combines seventeenth-century music with New Millennial Avant-Garde. ENJOY:



Night, with her basket of robins’ eggs,

Cuban Emerald
Nests – Fifty Nests and the Birds that Built Them by Sharon Beals.  Click to view all.

Sponges up industrial waste

Image result for industrial pollution gif

Into speckled vermillion and ice spears.

The soft hum of insects envelops

Space lips around the crib,

Cold enough to rip a heart out.

Where are the edges, the folds?

If in time, where the beginnings

Between light and its absence?

What causes light is conflagration,

Related image

So insight is a flicker in and out

Before the smoke fades into shadows.

Without signal,

The graces could not bend

From joy.


Among deep wells of collapsed

dead fuck my life GIF

Gravity, moral and immoral,

National infantilism lumbers.

Elongated fingernails snap,

United States Submission Gif By The Savannah .GIF

Semaphores for orientalism

Image result for Semaphores gif Image result for Semaphores gif

Dumped out of wheelbarrows.

Men dance with men, on stilts,

And gossip about women, juggling

Repeat events with singularities.

Who has a right to own their own body

Other than a tornado, or a king?

A mousehead on a swing is looking for a muse.

Related image

Animate matter chances consciousness,

An experiment in a petri dish,

Equal parts heat and nothing.


This is what you get when you believe

In astrophysics and brain research

Instead of Diana and Venus.

The Pleiades who guided Odysseus

Stay constant for all nations,

Seven sisters with Japanese lanterns.

There’s no turning back from

What seems to control nature

To become less or more than human.

This is home. This is what is left of home.

The Sun King has a God inside his mouth

And when he speaks, he is all child.


[Disposable Poem March 11, 2019]

Dr. Mike


BENEATH “For Joy” is Moon Song by Jake Baddeley .

BENEATH “Gravity, moral and immoral,“ is “Industrial Landscape” (1967) by Hanna Höch.


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