Until the End of the World (1991)


Until the End of the World (1991) Not all movies benefit from having an extended version. CRITERION, however, has issued the director’s cut, all 287 minutes in two Parts, of this romantic jet-set across multiple countries, where making a film becomes an act of mapping the mind.  Watching such a film requires a different approach from the audience, a surrender to the random adoration of landscapes in a travelogue, as plot and character dissolve and flatten into the background. Collaborating with Robby Muller’s experimental cinematography and HD imagery to create what Wenders has claimed as an “apocalypse of our visual culture,” this film turns into either an end-of-the-road celebration of self-indulgence, or a cult innovation of movie-making as visual painting. Or it could be this epic is an MTV Road movie with twenty of Wenders’ favorite musical performers. Amazed by the Australian landscape and its aboriginal culture, Wim Wenders in the second part questions the benefits of the very technology he is using. What kind of world is it when the image replaces the word?

Bushfires consume the Garden.

Tornadoes explode koalas in their trees.

A nicotine yellow ash cauldron

Image result for australia fires gif

Chokes the sky to a brackish wheeze.

The Prime Minister ignores this fuckup

Image result for australia gif

To play cricket at high tea.

Image result for australia gif

Abandoned cars crumple up

Related image

As people are herded to a boiling sea.

This simian species still hasn’t learned

Image result for science beyond weaponry gif

To trust science beyond weaponry.

Image result for science beyond weaponry gif

Hard revenge, that blowback sunburned,

Image result for globe fire gif

Worships stock markets in idolatry.

Image result for Worships stock market gif

Protesters storm Whitman’s Brooklyn Bridge,

Image result for Brooklyn Bridge gif

Grieving over Hanukah attacks.

Related image

The end of history is a steep ledge

Of webs purged by unknown hacks.

 Image result for surreal ledge gif

Here come the drones,

Image result for drone war gif

Lumbering metal wasps

Image result for drone war gif

Sent by Shiite clones

To behead Special Ops.


[Disposable Poem January 6, 2020]

Dr. Mike





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