Under Milk Wood (1972)

Under Milk Wood (1972) In this stream-of-consciousness picture, the central protagonist is the mind of a small town. If ever the film medium had limitations, it is with this overly literal adaptation of Dylan Thomas’ famous radio play. The advantage of radio lies in its language, which each listener would transform into visual images inside their heads. Rarely can a motion picture match the inner imagination of listeners, charmed and dazzled by linguistic virtuosity of alliterative, rhapsodic nostalgia for the place of one’s birth, the town whose inhabitants, however imperfect, remain blessedly human. Even with an all-star cast, even when shot on location in Wales, the only way to watch this movie, written and directed byAndrew Sinclair, is to close your eyes and listen.

Let first words guide you through your street,

So you can find where it is safe to love,

And safe to gather in a rowdy choir.

To praise the psalm, become a child.

Let first images overcome night blindness.

El circo llega sin avisar. No viene precedido de ningún anuncio, no se cuelga cartel alguno en los postes o vallas publicitarias del centro, ni tampoco aparecen notas ni menciones en los periódicos locales. Sencillamente está ahí, en un sitio en el...

Cracks in the sidewalk break nobody’s back.

Hopscotch trains you for jumping borders.

A cage is no place to house a child.

To feed a family on next to nothing,

Each day deserves a cookie or a cake,

A taffy pull, or hand-cranked vanilla ice cream.

Pixilart - Watermelon Salt Water Taffy by Jahwie

Never think you are better than a child.

Animation Art Gif By Animated Gif

So many lessons come from grownup gossip,

FREE TAFFY! Yes you read that right, read more to find out ...

From the girls after school who work in the factory,

From vets like your dad playing poker each Friday.

Never become a bully after defeating one.

Who knew that the sweetest hideout

Lay in the neighbors’ honeysuckle bushes,

Or, as five-year old, to dance naked in the driveway

Would be the greatest joy of a hot summer?

Animated gif about beautiful in draws by ♔lips∞

For those without words, still there are hands,

How to Be Creative - A Year of Living Better Guides - The New York ...

And so many things to repair or create.

If all you are, or ever can be, is a dreamer,

To name the star, you must stay a child.

[Disposable Poem April 11, 2020]

Dr. Mike

Under Milk Wood (1972) Full film








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