Tampopo (1985)

Tampopo (1985) Juzo Itami recreated the Spaghetti Western as a Japanese quest for the perfect noodle. Playing off the myth that only a truck driver knows the best places to eat, Gorō [ Tsutomu Yamazaki] with bull horns on the hood, meets Tampopo [Nobuko Miyamoto] the terrible cook, teaming up to discover the secret to gourmet cooking.  I love the performance of this actress, whose willful determination never becomes steely or pretentious, but stays whimsically charming. There are stories within stories, a connection of sex to food, and a yakuza who speaks directly into the camera at the viewing audience whenever he feels like adding his connoisseur input.


What most Asian students can afford

Are ramen noodles tasting like cardboard. 


There are oodles of words for noodles

That meet Japanese approvals.


Cobwebbed wisps, glazed with ginger,

Mazemen: Ramen Noodles with Sesame Ginger Garlic Beef ...

Allow the wheat in somen to linger.


Jump-rope Olympics of schoolgirls partakes

Noodles by James Curran on Dribbble

Of thick udon soaked with fish cakes.


No subtlety of broth supplants juicy

Pink and stringy, home-made hiyamugi.


Chewier and slipperier than seaweed,

Tokoroten lacks gluten, guaranteed.

Noodle Dance GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY


Harusami, glassy from potato,

Chastens flu from each Shinto.


But for nutty flavor, a spaghetti cobra,

There is nothing like buckwheat Soba.

The famous tap dancer


If this list was too long a striptease,

Just wait until the mystery of teas.


[Disposable Poem February 4, 2021]

Dr. Mike



Tampopo Video Essay by Tony Zhou


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  1. FOOD IN FILMLove the eating scenes in TOM JONESAnd LE GRANDE BOUFFEBut most of all THE COOK THE WIFE THE THIEF THE LOVERprepared me for the anarchism of TAMPOPOFor noodles are a sensuous nourishmentBland as the student food chemicals of RamenRich as a Japanese RestaurantAnd the relationship of sex and foodis everywhere filmically evidentSo pour me another bowl of noodlesServe up oysters and seafoodWhen we get to the end of imbibing togetherOur food for thought gets just desserts… SATURDAY FEBRUARY  13,2021@10am-noon ZOOM POETRY ALOUD!Meeting ID=82797572020.Passcode=Gull.Theme=WORDS NEVER SAID.

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