Honeyland (2019)

Honeyland (2019) The risk with any documentary is that no one ever knows what story will emerge. It took real fortitude for directors Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov to make the journey to this remote village of Bekirlija, in Macedonia. There they discovered Hatidže Muratova, an elderly beekeeper, and spent three years exploring her life when neighbors move next door to her and begin disrupting the ecological system of traditional beekeeping.  Hatidže Muratova is one of the most remarkable women ever to appear on film, and to witness her irascible determination to survive in this desolate landscape provides one of the very best studies of how to maintain a harmonious balance with nature – and with the economic forces of irritating neighbors.


Inside each bee are barrels of buzz

Scooped from rare buds to rarer buds

Bee knees GIF - Find on GIFER

Embedded to engender cellular hives

Clones of kamikaze drones with knives

Honey bees passing nectar from one mouth to another.

Alive within a medieval bureaucracy

A bee regurgitating nectar into the comb.

Following a zen noir philosophy

Inherited from some Ancien Régime

Where pyramid schemes nourish one Queen


That Queen of tambourines beats bees from her heart

To keep both hemispheres from streaming apart

Or redress the blunder of colonial plunder

Harvesting honey is easier on the beekeeper and so much ...

That tribalized neighbors into rival warriors

Honey Bees GIF by PBS Digital Studios - Find & Share on GIPHY

And by buzz alone She governs the nation

For a Queen can move in any direction


So long as She reigns with noblesse oblige

And leaves enough honey for all the bees


[Disposable Poem March 8, 2021]

Dr. Mike


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