A Tale of Lost Time (1964)


A Tale of Lost Time [Skazka o poteryannom vremeni ] (1964) The Walt Disney of Soviet Cinema, Aleksandr Ptushko directed Evgeny Schwartz’s fable about elderly who steal children’s youth. The set designs and special effects are magical, especially the sorcerers’ coven hidden inside a tree. Sergey Martinson, a “master of pantomime, buffoonery, and grotesque,” takes impish delight as a geriatric with a third-grade boy trapped inside him. The concluding chase sequence is hilariously inventive. Of course there is a moral to this tomfoolery: Write on the door, ”Work before pleasure.”  And yet, the bittersweet truth about youth and old age happens mid-way though the film: “A person who’s losing time doesn’t notice how he’s getting old.”


Never trust a cross-eyed chameleon

Conserve water in the baobab tree

Whales roam the earth, eating watermelons




Evacuate the Alamo at dawn

click and open these they are cool animations | Surreal ...

Brought to you by the Cherokee Nation

These 15 Animated Gifs Will Trip You Out «TwistedSifter

Never trust a cross-eyed chameleon



The Stock Market goes up and then goes down

Jonathan Glitched GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Coconut crabs would hoard vegetation

White whales stalk earth for the watermelons

Crisis Leticiarms GIF


The older we grow, the more skeleton

Erodes beneath the condominium

Never trust a cross-eyed chameleon



As cannibal lizards evolve nations

TOMASZ ALEN KOPERA - Surrealism | Abstract iphone ...

Butterfly innocents become the victims

While whales crunch earth into watermelons



Fossils reveal scars from lost horizons

Strange creatures caught in evaporation

Never trust a cross-eyed chameleon



The British abandoned Hong Kong freedom

Dragon GIF by Mr Tronch

State religion burns like a waffle iron

Never trust a cross-eyed chameleon

Whales beach earth beneath split watermelons

[Disposable Poem August 25, 2021]

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