Alice’s Restaurant (1969)

Alice’s Restaurant (1969) Who would have thought a popular hippie song could be turned into a memorable movie, starring, of all people, the songwriter himself, Arlo Guthrie? And yet, that is exactly what Arthur Penn, co-writing the screenplay with Venable Herndon, managed to pull off, in this whimsical yet tragicomic hale and farewell to the counterculture of the 1960’s – a  large garbage dump, if ever there was one. A Bohemian life style of marital infidelity combines with heroin addiction and spousal abuse to reveal a darker portrait of this time period. The movie also contains a scene of Arlo visiting his father, Woody, who is dying of Huntington’s disease in the hospital. There, Pete Seeger and he join together in a cross-cultural reunion of sorts, singing about driving around in a car.


Welcome all, no matter your uniform.

We serve all comers, this patchwork nation,

Tattered and flawed from so much dissention,

Using hospitality for reform.



A new homeland requires a large table

Love Starved- The Parable of the Long Spoons -

With a cornucopia of cuisines

Supplied by migrants of similar dreams

Thank You Jesus De Nada - Meme Painted

To live in peace, keep family stable.


To those who could not attend, let us send

Lonely Old School GIF by louis16art

The mellow honey-jar with peach preserves.

We cherish their service in the reserves

And hope they return without losing friends.


Now please raise a glass of home-brewed cider

For those whose chairs though absent still linger.

[Disposable Poem November 21, 2021]


Dr. Mike

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