Fragments (2021)

Fragments (2021) At the end of each year in the history of the human species, a non-existent movie is released in non-existent theaters for exclusive showing among the recently deceased. The hooting and cheering, the hissing and screaming, all flow like wheezing ducks caught in the ventilation system. Worse are those moments of ghastly silence when, on the screen, appear miraculous shudderings from the natural world, as when tall pines mourn the loss of their needles. The projectionist, blindfolded, flips the switches, and no living film critic ever watches or reviews the plot of the movie for fear of being struck deaf and blind.


A Mariachi Band

In a Javanese pagoda

Serenades the blond stripper.


I remember my father

Coming home from the war

When love was supposed to solve everything.


One grain struggles to escape its oyster

Becoming another pearl, a pest

Irritating everyone’s throat.


Never take the mystery out of silence—

Satellite watermelon smiles.

What cannot be seen can be heard.


These Navajo rugs

Where women have woven their tales

Let men bend to their passion.


All is smoke and shadow.

The wolves of kindness

Have come to put us to sleep.

{Disposable Fragments November 8, 2021]

Dr. Mike

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