Kiss of the Spider Woman (1985)

Kiss of the Spider Woman (1985) William Hurt won an Academy Award for his performance as Molina, a gay man recruited to spy on his cellmate, Raul Julia as Valentin Arregui, a revolutionary activist against the Brazilian military dictatorship. Based on the banned novel and subsequent theatrical play by Manuel Puig, Héctor Babenco directed this claustrophobic drama in which these two prisoners learn to accept each other. Molina discovers that sexual identity is itself a political act. 


Do not ask my gender while I swoon.

I weave about here to swathe your wound.

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We tango together as democracy dies.

I whisper what I love about Romantic lies.


Tell me all your secrets so I can pass them on.

The police promised me a silver gown.

We do what we can to survive this regime.

I live inside a Hollywood dream.

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Such stories I could tell to pass the time.

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I bend to your thrust as you bend to mine.

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Political resistance makes passion divine.

Each prison cell spins into the sublime.

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I know the kind of woman I should have been born:

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A Nazi femme fatale in a Valkyrie crown.

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Your wish is my betrayal with a kiss.

I will become your Lorca, tossed in a ditch.


[Disposable Poem March 15, 2022]

Dr. Mike

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