Mandabi (1968)


Mandabi (1968) Governmental bureaucracy ought to help the disenfranchised for whom it was created, but the opposite is almost always the case, whether in Senegal, or in any other country. Ousmane Sembène wielded his fimmaking techniques to capture complex issues of religion, marriage, language, and developing class differences within his newly independent nation. Makhourédia Guèye gave a remarkable performance as Ibrahim, an unemployed religious man with two wives and seven children, who tries to cash a money order from his nephew in France, only to be frustrated at every step of the way, and ultimately robbed and beaten for all his efforts.


It should have been enough

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To invite everybody to the party,

Each doing her share of the work

To grow unique, diverse gardens.


But the ones who ought to have lent support

Took their two percent to the cancer ward

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And tripled interest on any student loans

So the caregiver would stay bankrupt.

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It is never enough to have a vision.

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Let alone scant hope of being remembered.

Just read the lives of the poets and wonder

Who decided to put them in a scrapbook?


Now all that is left of the dying animal

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Are the bewildered eyes

Ravaged by physical pain

Native to her wolf tribe.

[Disposable Poem May 11, 2022]

Dr. Mike




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