Bulworth (1998)

  Bulworth (1998) In a despondent moment, Democratic Senator Bulworth (Warren Beatty) makes a deal with the Insurance Lobby for a ten million dollar policy and then hires an assassin to kill himself. Along the way, from lack of sleep and food, he become delirious and begins to tell large crowds the truth about the … More Bulworth (1998)

“Sars Wars” (2004)

“SARS Wars” (Thai: ขุนกระบี่ผีระบาด or Khun krabii hiiroh, also subtitled Bangkok Zombie Crisis) is a 2004 Thai horror-comedy film directed and co-written by Taweewat Wantha.   [Due to copyright laws, certain images have been restricted.] “We loves a good story retold many times Cause we always knows where we are And what we should feel, … More “Sars Wars” (2004)