Le Doulos (1982)

Le Doulos (1982) Jean-Pierre Mellville ‘s stylish classic noir, enhanced by Nicolas Hayer’s cinematography, deploys gangster metaphors to recreate the existential dread of Paris in a post-war society where betrayal underlies all good enterprises. Jean-Paul Belmondo relishes this double-crossing informer, suave and hip to Paul Misraki’s jazz soundtrack, in what becomes a defining performance. He … More Le Doulos (1982)

Hijack Highway (1955)

Hijack Highway [aka Gas-Oil] (1955) Jean Gabin stars as a working-class trucker suspected of running over a man in the road. Gilles Grangier’s quasi-documentary focuses more on the daily grind of manual labor hauling goods and maintenance of trucks than on the heist that violently opens the movie. This film marks the beginning of the … More Hijack Highway (1955)

Alphaville (1965)

Alphaville (1965) 99 Min With no special sets, shot on location in Paris, Jean-Luc Godard cast B-Film Detective Eddie Constantine with Anna Karina to make a dystopian comment on the dehumanizing nature of a technology, using self-referential film noir techniques that often mock the genre.   Blinding headlights flash Flash on and off neurotic codes … More Alphaville (1965)