Paracelsus (1943)

Paracelsus (1943) When you reach for the stars, you may get your hands burned. At least, for Werner Krauss, the great Dr. Caligari, once he became Hitler’s favorite German star, he gained access to all the prize roles. Here he portrays the much maligned Paracelsus, father of toxicology, who, misunderstood and persecuted by his peers, … More Paracelsus (1943)

GOLD (1934)

  Gold (1934) Brigitte Helm speaks! For ten minutes, she vamps in a science fiction film about corporate espionage made during the early Nazi period and directed by Karl Hartl. The ghost of the UFA’s great Metropolis lurks everywhere. John Wills (Michael Bohnen) is the villain, a British billionaire driven by greed to control world … More GOLD (1934)