Even Though the Whole World Is Burning (2014)

Even Though the Whole World Is Burning (2014) Stephen C. Schafer documented the American poet W. S. Merwin, who took his family inheritance, bought land on Maui, and spent his last decade struggling to recultivate the plants that had been devastated. A great political and environmental activist, Merwin was an authentic troubadour poet, existing outside the … More Even Though the Whole World Is Burning (2014)

Honeyland (2019)

Honeyland (2019) The risk with any documentary is that no one ever knows what story will emerge. It took real fortitude for directors Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov to make the journey to this remote village of Bekirlija, in Macedonia. There they discovered Hatidže Muratova, an elderly beekeeper, and spent three years exploring her life … More Honeyland (2019)

Paris Is Burning (1991)

Paris Is Burning (1991) Back in the day of high fashion and no social distancing, Jennie Livingston documented the New York Ball culture of the 1980’s gay community who introduced voguing to Madonna. More than that, however, interviews with contestants reveal the artificiality of gender roles, the rampant homophobia and intolerant violence,  and the “houses” … More Paris Is Burning (1991)

Best in Show (2000)

Best in Show (2000) Christopher Guest’s mocumentary about pretentious dog shows nevertheless becomes tender-hearted toward owners for whom a dog is a prize companion that everyone should adore. Five dogs and their comedians were encouraged to improvise dialogue: Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara with their Norwich Terrier Winky; Parker Posey and Michael Hitchcock with their … More Best in Show (2000)


Faces/Places [Villages Visages] (2017) Documentary filmmaker Agnès Varda joins forces with instillation photographer J. R. on a road trip across France, visiting coal mines, stockyards, factories, farms, and enlarging photographic images of the people who live and work there, to plaster across buildings, silos, train cars, crates, etc. The impermanence of art is J. R.’ … More Faces/Places