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doug Doug shields Gigapoem: We are a community of poets who believe poetry should be something you actually enjoy. Sometimes our poetry is funny. Sometimes dirty. Sometimes powerful.

HKStewart_0715 H.K. Stewart This blog looks at what happens when you rub “Love thy neighbor” and Taoism together — and other spiritual traditions. Weaving different spiritual threads into a new religious cloth isn’t my goal, though. I’m more interested in exploring ways to make a world where Christianity and Taoism [and Judaism and Hinduism and Islam and Buddhism and Atheism and, and, and] can live next to each other in relative peace — even inside the same skull. We can put humans on the moon and bring them safely home again, so why shouldn’t we be able to get along with each other — at least across a picnic table? After all, we’re all connected. We arose from [the Tao, God, Yahweh, Allah, Higher Power, the Great Because — pick a label], and we’ll return to it. In it, through it, we are all one. My trip to the moon and back.

self_portrait Terry wright Blog with a View is a visual diary of my original digital art,                                                                                                     fractal art, and illustrated poetry.

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