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2117391 Larry Broedow  Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio Larry attended the University of Cincinnati where he studied Fine Arts, Architecture and Philosophy, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1972. He moved with his family to California in 1974.

Artist Statement:  The arrangement of the elements is designed to strengthen the power of suggestion and allow maximum opportunity for the viewer’s imagination to form a response. Each piece usually begins with a spontaneous and whimsical application of color and form and then I introduce controlled and refined shapes and images.

thelonious-monk-richard-day  Richard Day  My paintings are a combination of my love for music and colour. In my work I attempt to combine bright, vivid colours with bold abstract lines and shapes with the hope of capturing the energy/presence of the music. I explore this concept in both my figurative and abstract paintings.

Colin Raff Colin Raff 

me eyeflash George Redhawk has turned a loss into a gift — after the artist became legally blind, he began to explore the realm of photo manipulation with a desire to show the world as he sees it from his damaged sight.

Robot Digital Art by Orbital77.

self_portrait  Terry wright Blog with a View is a visual diary of my original digital art,                                                                                                     fractal art, and illustrated poetry.

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