A Dog’s Life (1914)

  A Dog’s Life (1918) Silent. Chaplin’s first written. produced, and starring film for First Nation Films, with “Scraps” the dog and Edna Purviance as the love interest. Action-packed and full of surprising comic skits that all connect to a solid plot. The slums were never better photographed, nor the crime in American cities better … More A Dog’s Life (1914)

Searcy Dog Killers

Searcy Dog Killers In woods of southern Searcy Terrorists are gunning for dogs. Mongrels, border collies, huskies, Malamutes, pugs, guidedogs,                Pointers, Airedale Terriers, Pit bulls, hybrids, sheepdogs,       Greyhounds, golden retrievers, English mastiffs, French bulldogs.           Their entrails were left to rot … More Searcy Dog Killers