Blackboards (2000)

Blackboards (2000) . The struggle to spread education has never been more grimly or poetically visualized than in this film by Samira Makhmalbaf. Itinerant teachers carry blackboards strapped to their backs as they tread the rugged and desolate cliffs of Kurdistan, seeking employment. Samira Makhmalbaf, , daughter of a famous, and often censored Iranian filmmaker, … More Blackboards (2000)

La Jetée

La Jetée (1962) Using optically printed photographs in varying rhythms, Chris Marker experimented with persistence of vision to explore the complexities of memory. Underground researchers, survivors disrupted by atomic war, enlist a prisoner to travel back in time, then forward in order to find a device that can save human society. A voice-under narrator recounts … More La Jetée

Judex (1963)

Judex (1963) Jacques Champreux, the grandson of Louis Feuillade, convinced Georges Franju to remake Judex in the tradition of early French serial crime dramas. A banker is sent a threatening letter, demanding that he return all money swindled from other clients. It is signed “Judex,” which means either “justice” or “revenge.” The result is a … More Judex (1963)

The Color of Pomegranates (1969)

The Color of Pomegranates (1969) Sergei Parajanov recreates the story of Armenian bard Sayat-Nova through a series of iconographic tableaux. The resplendent colors and austere asceticism of historic locations saturate this movie in ritual. “Actress Sofiko Chiaureli notably plays six roles in the film.” Soviet censors had little understanding or sympathy for such celebration of … More The Color of Pomegranates (1969)

Above Suspicion (1943)

Above Suspicion (1943) Not even Nazis stand a chance with Joan Crawford, who honeymoons with Fred MacMurray on the continent, both willing agents of British intelligence out to find a scientist who has information about Nazi magnetic sea mines. Richard Thorpe directs this spy thriller, based loosely on a fictional account of a true story. … More Above Suspicion (1943)