The Navigator (1924)

The Navigator (1924) Give Buster Keaton a naval ship being sold for scrap metal and stand back to see what he will do with it.  Stuffy, upper-class twit Rolo Treadway [Buster Keaton] finds himself adrift on the high seas, accidentally accompanied by the rich heiress Betsy O’Brien [Kathryn McGuire] who had turned down his marriage … More The Navigator (1924)

The Cameraman (1928)

The Cameraman (1928) Criterion’s new release of this picture may be the best that can be done after MGM’s contemptuous neglect of Buster Keaton’s work and talent. The original negative was lost in a studio fire, and this restoration arises from “Cineteca di Bologna, the Criterion Collection, and Warner Bros.” With Marceline Day as the … More The Cameraman (1928)

Erotikon (1929 silent)

EROTIKON (1929 silent) Mauritz Stiller’s naughty Swedish comedy of manners, “A Daring Fable of Modern Love,” has been released by KINO in an excellent restoration, with an outstanding introduction by Peter Cowie. An entomology professor obsessed with the sex life of bugs and his flirtatious wife eventually go their separate ways with new lovers. However, … More Erotikon (1929 silent)

A Dog’s Life (1914)

  A Dog’s Life (1918) Silent. Chaplin’s first written. produced, and starring film for First Nation Films, with “Scraps” the dog and Edna Purviance as the love interest. Action-packed and full of surprising comic skits that all connect to a solid plot. The slums were never better photographed, nor the crime in American cities better … More A Dog’s Life (1914)