Crash (1996)

  Crash (1996) For me, there is considerable difference between reading a book and seeing a film adaptation. David Cronenberg channelled J. G. Ballard’s cold, metafictional novel of individuals using car crashes as a way to incite sexual pleasure. This steely dissociation is something Cronenberg magages to visualize, pursuing his interest in human flesh as … More Crash (1996)

Repulsion (1965)

Repulsion (1965) What I have most admired about Catherine Deneuve is her choice of roles in movies. Instead of catering to her physical beauty as a model, she has undermined her image by playing psychopaths and sexual deviants, maturing eventually to respectable but flawed matriarchs. In this early performance, she embodies Roman Polanski’s jaded vision … More Repulsion (1965)

Erotikon (1929 silent)

EROTIKON (1929 silent) Mauritz Stiller’s naughty Swedish comedy of manners, “A Daring Fable of Modern Love,” has been released by KINO in an excellent restoration, with an outstanding introduction by Peter Cowie. An entomology professor obsessed with the sex life of bugs and his flirtatious wife eventually go their separate ways with new lovers. However, … More Erotikon (1929 silent)

Asparagus (1979) and Pinball (2013)

Asparagus (1979), Suzan Pitt’s first breakthrough animation, and Pinball (2013), her last animation, showcase amazing accomplishments celebrating independent filmmaking. On the CalArts Web site, Maureen Seawood wrote, “She [Suzan] believed that within us, we had the ability to unfold the way we dream. That each image leads us to the next image, giving birth to … More Asparagus (1979) and Pinball (2013)