Cry, the Beloved Country (1995)


Cry, the Beloved Country (1995) Darrell Roodt, a South African director, brings James Earl Jones and Richard Harris together in this very faithful adaptation of Alan Paton’s groundbreaking novel against apartheid. This stunning narrative, that addresses issues of social injustice and capital punishment, has been adapted into several films and plays, most notably Maxwell Anderson and Kurt Weill’s musical “Lost in the Stars” (1949).



Japan chose samurai decapitation,

During the Shanghai massacre, KMT sympathizers behead a suspected Communist, one of about 300 executions carried out on April 12th, 1927

[During the Shanghai massacre, KMT sympathizers behead a suspected Communist, one of about 300 executions carried out on April 12th, 1927.]


While China slowly sliced up each victim;

Image result for lingchi echoes of a historical photograph

Ancient Persia used ash for suffocation;

Image result for Ancient Persia use ash for suffocation  Suffocation By Ash

Ottoman Turks shot convicts from a cannon.


The effete French employed “peine forte et dure

Image result

That Salem witch trials tried on Giles Corey

Image result for Salem witch trials

Who cried out, “More Weight,” but did not endure,

Image result

While his words remained accusatory.


A friend of mine, given a front row seat,


Witnessed Saudi Arabian justice,

Castrating queers, hacking hands off cheats,

Image result for hacking hands off

Beheading dissidents with gleeful malice.

 Isis beheading 2

The easiest way is to give the crowd

Image result for death by stoning

Rocks and let honor killing do its job.

Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow was shoved

Image result for Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow  Image result for Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow

Down a hole, her head bludgeoned by a mob.


How hard it is for States to discover



A merciful method for punishment:

Lethal injections, hangings, gas chamber,

Electric chair, firing squads came and went.

 Image result 

Apartheid’s invisible to the eye —

To the white eye, but not to the black


Young men who continue to occupy

American prisons, with no way back.

 Thinking About Punishment

Raised between pawnshop or sweatshop,



Either you go to jail or get shot by a cop.

Image result for latest black shot by cop hands up
Tulsa police shoot unarmed black man with his hands up.







[Disposable Poem September 20, 2016]

Dr. Mike













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