Rodin (2017)

Rodin (2017) The problem with this version of Rodin is that it will always be judged by the extraordinary Camille Claudel, Bruno Nuytten‘s 1988 biopic, starring the incomparable Isabelle Adjani, for which she received both a César and an Academy Award. Jacques Doillon takes a fairly conventional approach, through a series of tableaux that put … More Rodin (2017)

Final Portrait (2018)

Final Portrait (2018) Stanley Tucci wrote and directed this independent film that focuses on the unrelenting obsession of Alberto Giacometti when at work making a portrait of his friend James Lord, who wrote about the experience. Geoffrey Rush provides a credible performance as the artist, and Tony Shalhoub surprises as his brother Diego. The excruciating … More Final Portrait (2018)

Meat Weed Madness (2006)

Meat Weed Madness (2006) The only short at the TROMA Festival that was booed by the entire audience was made by Aiden Dillard who subsequently wrote and directed this follow-up. Offending the audience becomes post-punk sport. Naked babes and incest fantasies feature performance artists Hells’ Belles as parricides, with a Bullpucky minotaur added for classical … More Meat Weed Madness (2006)

Judex (1963)

Judex (1963) Jacques Champreux, the grandson of Louis Feuillade, convinced Georges Franju to remake Judex in the tradition of early French serial crime dramas. A banker is sent a threatening letter, demanding that he return all money swindled from other clients. It is signed “Judex,” which means either “justice” or “revenge.” The result is a … More Judex (1963)

The Mummy (1959)

The Mummy (1959) This film remains my favorite because when Christopher Lee as the Mummy reaches archeologist Peter Cushing, he really intends to strangle him. Terence Fisher directs this Hammer classic that captures the 1890s British society in exquisite costuming [Mary Arbuthnot], sets [Bernard Robinson] , and cinematographic color [Jack Asher]. Yvonne Furneaux never looked … More The Mummy (1959)