Polyester (1981)

Polyester (1981) John Waters crosses over into mainstream cinema in this homage to William Castle “gimmick” films, rescuing Tab Hunter’s career in the process. Those “Midnight Movie” cast of characters – most notably Divine, Edith Massey, and Mink Stole – mix with professional actors in a spoof of Douglas Sirk melodrama. By now America’s bad … More Polyester (1981)

Topper (1937) 

Topper (1937)  This remains one of my favorite ghost stories, largely because of the performances of Roland Young as the respectable Cosmo Topper enduring the hysterical outrage of his nit-picking wife Clara (Billie Burke). Of course having Cary Grant and Constance Bennett in supporting roles as the ghosts doesn’t detract from the hilarity. Having killed … More Topper (1937) 

Kuroneko (1968)

Kuroneko (1968) Adapted from a Japanese folktale [“A Black Cat in a Bamboo Grove”], Kaneto Shindo explored a ghost story set during a civil war in Japan’s Heian period. Shot in brilliant black-and-white cinematography of Kiyomi Kuroda, a mother and her daughter lure any unsuspecting samurai into their home in order to murder him, seeking … More Kuroneko (1968)

Anna Christie (1930)

Anna Christie (1930) When the prodigal is a daughter who has made her living whoring and drinking, can her alcoholic father, barge skipper Chris Christofferson, accept and forgive her? Eugene O’Neill’s drama had troubles becoming a Hollywood film, especially as a vehicle for Greta Garbo in her first talkie. This production was also reshot in … More Anna Christie (1930)

Attack of the Robots/Cartes Sur Table (1966)

Attack of the Robots/Cartes Sur Table (1966) Ever wonder what happened to Lemmy Caution after Alphaville? Jesse Franco cast him as a self-parodying secret agent, fully equipped with malfunctioning James Bond gadgets. Automatons in Buddy Holly black glasses are assassinating scientists and ambassadors in full public view. Under the assumed name of Al Pereira, Eddie … More Attack of the Robots/Cartes Sur Table (1966)