Police Story (1985)

Police Story (1985) After dissatisfaction with his treatment in an American film, Jackie Chan returned to Hong Kong where he directed and starred in his own feature that has become a classic action movie. He instructed screenwriter Edward Tang to create a plot that would include a specific set of props and locations. Doing almost all of his own stunts, Chan suffered second degree burns on his hands, as well as a back injury and dislocation of his pelvis. Inspired by his love of Buster Keaton, Chan added humor and comedic slapstick to this star vehicle that established his style as an action hero.

Fortune cookies split

Hong Kong stock markets.

Image result for china surveillance gif

Futures are never enough.

Image result for china surveillance gif

Human identification, voice

Recognition, face recognition,

Swoop, saturate, and record.

The Motherland loves her piggy bank.

One country, two systems

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Seesaw like sampans

In a monsoon rain,

As the entire business district

Open umbrellas

To parachute down,


Image result for china surveillance gif

While tanks amass on the border.

Police Cloud correlates

Image result for china surveillance gif

Supermarket purchases

Related image

With health records.

Social credit rewards good

Behavior and punishes bad.

Overuse of electricity leads to

Image result for china surveillance gif

Political re-education camp.

Those who input data

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Suffer no accountability,

Because biometric databases.

Related image

Linked to DNA, make final decisions,

Image result for china surveillance gif

Track masked protesters

Chinese police get facial recognition glasses by  .

Who shoot laser beams

Related image

Into surveillance cameras.

 Related image

“If you’re happy and you know it,

Clap your hands.”

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[Disposable Poem August 18, 2018]

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