Paris Is Burning (1991)

Paris Is Burning (1991) Back in the day of high fashion and no social distancing, Jennie Livingston documented the New York Ball culture of the 1980’s gay community who introduced voguing to Madonna. More than that, however, interviews with contestants reveal the artificiality of gender roles, the rampant homophobia and intolerant violence,  and the “houses” that restored their self-worth in a time of AIDS. “This is a film that is important for anyone to see, whether they’re gay or not,* Livingston wrote. “It’s about how we’re all influenced by the media; how we strive to meet the demands of the media by trying to look like Vogue models or by owning a big car. And it’s about survival. It’s about people who have a lot of prejudices against them and who have learned to survive with wit, dignity and energy.” That is not what the Gay community  reaction to this film became, however. as can bee seen from the two video reviews posted below. And the Public Broadcasting funding that helped support the making of the movie caused a Republican backlash.


What’s the new Covid fashion?

Back in the 80’s everybody knew

Everybody on the runway,

So the only problem was

Shade or executive realness.

Girls gotta vogue, Banjee guys

fashion week GIF by NYFW: The Shows

Gotta pass to earn a living,

But these days, masks

Have replaced rouge

drag race fan art GIF by Jeromy Velasco

With hypodermic needles.

drag race choices GIF by Rupauls Drag Race All Stars


Uber-casuals on steroids

Preen before their closet mirror,

Picking from last year’s rags

jeremy scott fashion GIF by Luca Mainini

Which to tweak on Tik-Tok:

There can’t be enough Black Fridays.

fashion runway model GIF


It’s keep off the grass,

grow love nature GIF by MadaGarbea

Honey, keep off the ass;

get i get an amen drag queen GIF

It’s faux putsch or faux

Ice in a keep-your-distance

But throw me a kiss anyway.

Drag Queen Kiss GIF by London Theatre Direct


[Disposable Poem December 1, 2020]

Dr. Mike

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