A Dog’s Life (1914)


A Dog’s Life (1918) Silent. Chaplin’s first written. produced, and starring film for First Nation Films, with “Scraps” the dog and Edna Purviance as the love interest. Action-packed and full of surprising comic skits that all connect to a solid plot. The slums were never better photographed, nor the crime in American cities better exposed. This remarkable movie also features Chaplin’s brother, Syd, as the lunchwagon owner.


Undertaker radar, the death clown

Charlie Chaplin calligram by ClopinMiseried
Charlie Chaplin calligram by ClopinMiseried

Scrambles beneath overpasses,

Down sewers, and under bridges,


Poking with his cane the refuse

And charred remains to pounce


On a knickknack before the pack.


Hot dogs and biscuits, grab


Or starve, stray dog and stray


Tramp brick a cop, take a dive

Image result for dog diving gif

And get thrown out, sleep


With fleas in a vacant lot.

Charlie Chaplin dog pillow: A Dog's Life, 1918

Dig for a bone, cudgel and cuddle.

 Image result for dog Dig for a bone gif

Equally stray and bewildered,


An innocent, refusing advances of a thug,


Is fired without salary; grabbing for

The dog’s leash she grabs the tramp

Image result for dog woman leash fly gif

Who knows better than most


Who really needs a kick in the pants.


For he’s got a dog in his pants, tail


Wagging the drum, falsetto tears



Drowning hypocrisy, to bonk


A pickpocket and manipulate

His hands for the cash



Flying thief to thief.


That’s the way with capital


And cops, there aren’t enough


Dog rescuers to keep out of jail,

So fake a happy ending, cabin


In a field of ripe crops, baby


Pups cradled before the hearth.


[Disposable Poem September 7, 2016]

Dr. Mike

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