Bell, Book and Candle (1958)

Bell, Book and Candle (1958) Lustrous Kim Novak, having escaped the set of Hitchcock’s Vertigo, stars opposite stuttering James Stewart once again, this time in Richard Quine’s adaptation of John van Druten’s play. Jack Lemmon revels in this gleeful performance as a Village beatnik, and Ernie Kovacs makes one of his rare screen appearances as an author of Mexican supernatural rites. Stalwarts such as Elsa Lancaster from The Bride of Frankenstein, and Hermione Gingold fresh off the set of Gigi, relish their comic turns as witches. This outrageously funny movie inserts Halloween into Christmas long before Tim Burton ever thought of it.

Greenwich Village cats howl up a racket

Except for wily Siamese Pyewacket.


She purrs. a slumbering Banshee

Channeling the briny Bel Esprit.

Pyewacket prefers playing pranks,

Toying with her victims, suave and swank.

 Let adolescent warlocks spill the beans;

Pyewacket clams up on Halloween.


There’s magic in Mexico, and in New York

Related image

Bongos beat voodoo throughout the dark.

Street lights snuff out footprints in the snow,

And the bewitched succumbs to love’s vertigo.


Pyewacket preens, swells, but repels

No automatic alt text available.

Whoever looses that gift to cast spells.

 Image result for bell, book, and candle gif

It’s tragic what humans fall short of;

Image result for black cat gif

Once they lose the magic, they need the love.


[Disposable Poem October 5, 2017]

Dr. Mike












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