Fando y Lis (1968)

Fando y Lis (1968) Alejandro Jodorowsky’s first film was an adaptation of Arrabal’s play, written as part of the 1962 Panic Movement, a celebration of surreal anarchy, after the Greek God Pan. Jodorowsky fled its premiere at the Acapulco Film Festival because “People wanted to kill me. Literally kill me!” Subsequently it was banned in Mexico. Remarkably, it still has strong appeal for disenfranchised youth, who see themselves as living in the trash heap of history, abandoned to irrational powers that can be neither appeased nor overthrown.


City of Tar, you are a burning piano,

A shopping cart derby in a crevasse,

Ready to slice open cocoons for lovers,

Image result for surreal mesmerized gif

Passing a pit from mouth to mouth.

Image result for surreal lovers gif

Father caresses his C-130 cockpit,

Ordering those who have crossed over

To hang from a wall, while he touches up

Image result for surreal edit gif

His daughter’s hologram, bejeweled

Related image

Powerball, gambling stars beyond number.

Sons snot-nose the elite, hopscotch

Punch-drunk crazy across car hoods, children

Not covered by military law,

So Intel probes pubes. Pubs pop out

A distinguished fellow, whose sterile

Smile demoralizes as he evaporates

Related image

After back-stabbing his brothers.

City of Tar, what’s missing is the blood.

The child knows no limits, no morality

Image result for no morality gif

And kills without understanding

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Puppetry’s intensity, vomits lilacs

Into the illusion of blood, colorless,

Trickling like money, the smell of decay

Talented to the point of madness

Beyond respectability, a nymphet

Hiding uncertainty’s chopping block.

City of Tar, paralyzed collapsed state,

Electric female bots fizzle, masticate,

Domesticate, break glass ceilings, fake

News with skylark spyglasses, Russian

Diamond splitting among the memes,

Image result for surreal diamond gif

Related image

Map escape routes from the orange

Weave they fear, orifices mesmerized

Beauty Throbbing GIF by Dax Norman

By mud, as each menstruates

Image result for surreal back stabber gif

Before stabbing mother.

“Cut my legs off so you feel guilty enough

Related image

To wear me like a bra. Obey me.”


[Disposable Poem March 13, 2018]

Dr. Mike

















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