Stop Making Sense (1984)


Stop Making Sense (1984) Jonathan Demme assembled the best footage from over three nights of The Talking Heads in live performances at Hollywood’s Pantages Theater during a tour to promote their new album “Speaking in Tongues.” Hits include “Psycho Killer,” “Heaven,” “Burning Down the House.” “Life During Wartime,” “Once in a Lifetime,” and “Crosseyed and Painless,” among many others. The use of digital audio techniques and wide shots from a distance enliven the audience interaction with the performers. “It’s a live show.” wrote Roger Ebert, “with elements of Metropolis.”



We are always digging up

Other people’s graves —

The color of space is a vacuum

More silent than the voice of God.


From bombed-out housing

Ten million displaced

Image result for displaced gif

Miners wash the coal off

But not ash from their children’s lungs.


Applause is the color of a crushed

Angel, the mother of all bombs,

In a Vatican alcove before lit

Votive candles back-projected.


The front man has a front man,

A blood-leach feeding on white

Related image

Tics in the constitution

Of psychobabble cancer.

Mottled brown, Spanish Mariachi

March piñatas, drums, and horns

Bleating into Chinatown

And dragon gold.

Color-blindness makes everyone

Black to him, Javanese shadow puppets,

As if ebony had pores

That breathed blood diamonds.

Chocolate or vanilla

Or raspberry razzmatazz

Among the blind who love

To feel everybody up.


Pink more than white,


Pearls pool as eyes ovulating,

Whose rouged, peached lips

Suck up widescreen Technicolor.

Beneath each cuticle, traces

Of somebody else’s skin —

Black when ceremonial sacrifice,

White when beached after drowning.


Color-blind, the Pharaoh

Seizes Athena’s arrows,

Hooks Achilles’ heels,

And hangs him upside down.


Absorbed and hidden

By phoenix feathers,

The color of God

Blinds anyone who listens.


[Disposable Poem April 28, 2017]

Dr. Mike







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